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The benefits you can gain from getting the right laptop repair training are sweet to say the least.

It goes far beyond just being able to repair laptops. Don’t think it is impossible because laptop technology may be foreign to you, or you are a newbie at it because you are going to learn very quickly and simply.

Finding a good Laptop/computer repair training course for technicians, can be a problem, a lot of what is out there can be very technical and take an age to achieve. However, there is one course out there which keeps it simple, and they have been doing that since 2003, the Laptop Repair Course from Ibex Technology is totally unique, and goes beyond just learning you to repair laptops and computers, it teaches you how to do that and also create a good business in the process.

Most of what is available out there for laptop repair training just goes through the motions, you have people who say they are selling a “Laptop Repair Course” on places like Ebay for a few pounds or dollars, but when you get it, it is nothing more than a collection of manuals, then you are left to your own devices.

There are some guys doing a video course, which is not bad, but doesn’t really take you past basic troubleshooting.

There is more to this than that, especially if you want to make money at it.

The Laptop Repair Course is an all round business start up package, with a big bunch of support thrown in through their member’s resource area and Support Forum.


Even someone who doesn’t know a thing about laptops and how to repair them can actually earn a living repairing these compact machines with the right training in laptop repairs, in time.

It goes far beyond just being able to repair laptops.

Learn how to troubleshoot a laptop computer, identifying and fixing both hardware and software errors.

Believe it or not, there is a lot of money involved in the computing industry and laptop repairs are just one of them.


Laptop Repair Course is a combination of text, video and online learning. It has the potential to systematically transform a person who doesn’t know a thing about laptops, into someone who is confident and competent with their new found ability to repair them.

While some people may prefer reading large books on the subject, others may prefer taking a laptop repair course, there is no denying that the invaluable secrets passed on through this course can create a knowledge and business which can be as big as you want it to be.

Here is a list of what you get from the course:

* Course Disk – The name gives you a description of what this does; it is your step by step training which can be followed from your browser.
* Service Manuals Disk – A collection of the type of manuals you may use while you practise.
* Video Disk – A collection of videos on laptop repair, stripping down etc.
* Tools Disk – This is a collection of software tools which will come in handy for you.
* Support Forum – Any problems, just ask them on here.
* Members Resource Area – Lots of tools and software, as well as links to suppliers, manufacturers etc.
If you are looking to get into laptop repair either to extend your skills or with thoughts of setting up a new business opportunity,Laptop Repair Course Could be just what you are looking for.

Laptop Repai is not rocket science